This webpage is a resource for Ms. Trigilio's English classes at Gloucester High School.

Dear Parents: 

My goal is to promote the learning and growth of all of my students through effective partnerships with families, caregivers, community members and organizations. I welcome and encourage every family, caregiver and community member to become active participants in our classroom and our school community. I designed this website to encourage collaboration with families, and to support student learning and development both at home and at school. As you browse the site, you will find user-friendly updates on daily assignments, handouts, and expectations for student learning and behavior. I encourage you to visit the resources page to facilitate and support at-home learning for all students. If you would like to contribute to our classroom or school community in some way, feel free to email me at [email protected] For those who are unable to visit our classroom in person, please enjoy the photo gallery as a "snap shot" of our work here in room 2212. I look forward to partnering with you to make this a great school year! 


Ms. Kim Trigilio 

Expo Equus by Alec Anan

English 12

Dramatic Literature

Sociogram Projects for Romeo and Juliet  - English 9
To Kill A Mockingbird Close Reading Signposts - English 9

English 11 students examined the role of masking in Lord of the Flies.  

 Freshmen work on word attack skills with lightning round vocabulary. 
Close Reading Map  by
Sarah Burnham, Danielle Bauke and Samantha Cominelli - English 9
Grade 11 Mapping the close reading signposts in Grendel. 
Student generated notes on literary devices in I Have Dream. A few days later we created a similar map on literary devices and persuasive appeals in President Obama's 2nd Inaugural Address.

The comparison sparked interesting discussions on the relationship between audience and tone, rhetorical devices and argument writing. 

Writing an argument?