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Is Romeo a tragic hero?

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George Orwell wrote "A tragic situation exists precisely when virtue does not triumph but when it is still felt that man is nobler that the forces which destroy him."  Do Romeo and Juliet prove to be nobler than the forces that bring about their downfall?

How Come You Ain't Never Liked Me?

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When viewing the videos, consider the following:

 1. What is Troy’s objective?

2. What is Troy’s motivation?

3. How might Troy’s motivation differ for the two actors?

4. What physical and vocal choices do the actors make to depict their character and convey their objective?Consider the blocking choices. When is there distance between Troy and Cory? When are they close up?

5. What...

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Hamlet: a tragic hero?

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Find evidence (two or more quotes) to support each of the following viewpoints.  Decide which interpretation you favor most. Then write your own view of Hamlet as a tragic hero.

Tragicflaw? The hero’s downfall is caused by a ‘tragic flaw’ or blemish in the character. Hamlet’s weakness may be that he ‘thinks too much’ and cannot makeup his mind. The resulting inaction leads to his death. But Hamlet’s ‘tragic flaw’ may be ...

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Notes - Hamlet Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2

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Paradise Lost and Venn character comparisons

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English 11(H)

Paradise Lost and Venn character comparisons

Tomorrow, you will discuss the “Paradise Lost” excerpt.  Some important ideas: 

  • text was published in 1667 in ten books (hence, the text readability/complexity! )Adam is the speaker in first and second person in this excerpt
  • In this excerpt Adam is questioning his existence (basically…”I did not ask you (God) to make me, you created m...
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