Paradise Lost and Venn character comparisons

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English 11(H)

Paradise Lost and Venn character comparisons

Tomorrow, you will discuss the “Paradise Lost” excerpt.  Some important ideas: 

  • text was published in 1667 in ten books (hence, the text readability/complexity! )Adam is the speaker in first and second person in this excerpt
  • In this excerpt Adam is questioning his existence (basically…”I did not ask you (God) to make me, you created me and left, and you are now punishing me for my sin that I may not have committed had you not left me…”
  • Relationship to Frankenstein: parallels between God/Adam and Victor/creation
  • Is Mary Shelley making a direct/indirect commentary regarding creator, creation and the moral/religious responsibility involved with creation?

Think about the four literary and character foils below.  Please choose one of the pairings (if you choose #1, for example, you will complete the character and literary foils for both #1's)  Create a “Double Bubble” or Venn Diagram for your assigned character pairings in which you identify their similarities and differences.

Character Foils

1. Victor Frankenstein and Robert Walton

2. Frankenstein and the Creature

3. Victor and Elizabeth Lavenza

4. Victor and Henry Clerval 

Literary Foils

1. The Creature and Adam from Genesis

2. The Creature and Satan from ParadiseLost

3. Robert Walton and “The Ancient Mariner”

4. The Creature and Shrek


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